January 7, 2009

Project 365


I have decided to do Project 365 this year. Take one picture, every day, for a year. Though I will probably miss a few days (already have since I just decided to do it) and have to "fake it", overall it will be a good look at a year in our life. I hope that this project will also help to improve my photography skills.

Here is week one!


Megan enjoying homemade Apple Pancakes on New Years Day


My fairy lamp. This is one of the cheats. I was moving things around in my scrap room that day to make room for my new island and shelves!


January 3rd was spent painting. The paint is white... it is just a pink roller!


Day 4 was a date night. We went to Em Chamas and to see Marley & Me. Picture was borrowed from the internet.


Day 5 included a bloody nose. I was not home, but it involved Scout and a toy...


Day 6, Big-girl panties and extra clothes to bring to daycare!

I am not sure what I want to take a picture of today...

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