January 14, 2009

More picture of my craft room

2009 01 12_0536    

Ok, the wall color is REALLY off in this photo.. but I love it! (ETA.. I had to go in and edit the color so that it looked right. It was really bugging me!)

2009 01 12_0537  

It was tough deciding where to put it. I have this HUGE wall of yellow to the left when I walk in the door, but I am not sure what to put on that wall! The decal fit perfectly above my fairy though.

Here are a few more pictures...

2009 01 12_0538


2009 01 12_0539

I put my curtain rod (and bought another) up, but I am missing a bracket for the bottom one. I also need to find the bag with the gold curtain clips in it so that I can hang up more layouts. I love having this display set up.

After I get everything put away I will take detailed pictures of my storage and the room. Here are some details about the island though.

It is 6' x 3' and is at counter height, and was custom built by my Dad and my brother-in-law Billy. They also built the bookshelf that is to the right of the window. I have ordered stools for the island (should be in by Friday) but I think that I will probably stand most of the time. Lots of room for me to spread out, and still some room for someone to come over and scrap with me. I also have the counter top that has my fairy lamp on it that is at desk height for someone to work at as well.


Jan said...

Ohhh, you lucky duck!!! Your new space is just GORGEOUS! What time do you want me over? LOL.

Michelle Walpole said...

Great room! You are ever so tidy!!!!! I do like the way you show off your layouts. That is mega interesting!
And how did you con the boys into making stuff for your room? No way is hubby soming into my dungeon...he says...and his name for my art room!

abi said...

oh my word!!! your craft room is as big as my lounge!!!!! good old british buildings. I'm so jealous!

Kelly Boettcher said...

Michelle, My room is a mess right now! I need to find homes for everything in the new room.
The island and bookshelf was actually my Dad's idea! As was me moving my craft room into the bigger room and making the playroom the smaller room. My Dad and BIL have a woodshop, and they also made my sister an island. I need to get pictures of hers since it is different from mine.
Jan and Abi- Thank you! It puts a smile on my face every time I walk by the door. Even in its current messy state!

Tenia Nelson said...

Love your room!! tfs!!

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

Your craft room is looking awesome! ;)

Nancy Bush said...

Love it, especially the table! I had one built that was similar, and I too am a standing stamper! Have a blast in there!