December 28, 2009

Christmas Fun

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! The girls were thrilled with their Santa gifts (American Girl Dolls), there were lots of yummy cookies and eggnog, and the Wii was a hit for all of us!

Christmas Eve (Lauren was being a pill and did not want to cooperate, but she had to pucker up to keep from smiling!)

2009 12 24_0108_edited-1

2009 12 24_0115_edited-1

Christmas Day and the new dolls with matching dresses!

2009 12 25_0264

2009 12 25_0267a 

Lots of snow...

2009 12 25_0025 

2009 12 25_0030 

2009 12 25_0086
2009 12 25_0062
2009 12 25_0063

December 16, 2009

Holiday Decor

I love decorating the house for Christmas! This year I have a new addition to my holiday decor. My Mom made me this fabulous wreath!

2009 12 09_0031

I love the dragonflies and the key that she added to the wreath!

2009 12 09_0032_edited-1

Teacher Gifts

It took me over a week to figure out how to package the gift card for Megan's teacher. I saw the idea over at Beneath My Heart, and knew I had to try it!

It all started with a can of Pineapple, which was opened from the bottom and cleaned. I added some Hershey's Kisses and a Gift card, some patterned paper, ribbon and a little bling...

And this:

2009 12 14_0018

2009 12 14_0019
Yeah... you can see the hot glue mess that I made on the bottom of the can...

Turned into this:

2009 12 14_0023

2009 12 14_0024

2009 12 14_0021

I added glitter and flock to the PP with double sided sticky tape. The bottom tag says "Pull my tab".


December 15, 2009

Making Cocoa

One of our holiday traditions is making homemade hot cocoa. Of course the girls get to help (and yes they washed their hands first)

2009 12 06_0011

2009 12 06_0010 

2009 12 06_0016

We now have LOTS of cocoa, so do not be surprised if some of you receive some as a gift!

December 14, 2009

Holiday Party Fun!

Saturday night we attended my company holiday party, and it was a blast! The hotel was gorgeous, the food was actually really good and the DJ rocked!  Carla stayed the night with the girls, and we used hotel points so that we could stay at the hotel, which would have been more enjoyable had I not overindulged in wine. I should have stopped when the bar turned to a cash bar, but I had to have one more drink... oh well. It does not happen often!




December 5, 2009

More cards

Here are a few more cards that go in the set I posted about yesterday. Again.. most of the supplies are PTI.

2009 11 15_0149

2009 11 15_0150 

2009 11 15_0151

2009 11 15_0153 

The lines of glitter were made with sticky strip/ red line tape/ whatever you want to call it. I just put the tape on, removed the red stuff and poured glitter on top of it. I let it sit for a min and then burnished the glitter into the tape really well.

I have one more card and the box to take a picture of.. but I can not post the box until after the gift is received since it would totally give away who it is for!

December 4, 2009

Christmas Program

Wednesday the girls had their Christmas Program for Kindercare. They both did great!

New Cards

I finished a gift set for a friend this weekend and I love it! All of the materials are PTI except for the Nestabilities and the Martha Stewart glitter and punch. I am not sure where I got the bling...

2009 11 15_0143_edited-1

2009 11 15_0144 

2009 11 15_0145 

More to come tomorrow!