April 18, 2008

Daddy.. I want to be a doctor when I grow up

That is what Megan told Eric the other night when they were walking around the park. Of course Eric's first thought was 'that is going to be expensive'. Tonight while eating dinner with Papa the conversation went like this:

Eric - "Megan, tell Papa what you want to be when you grow up?"

Megan - " I want to be a doctor when I grow up"

Papa - "Do you want to be an animal doctor or a people doctor?"

Megan - "A people doctor"

Eric - "Who do you want to help?"

Megan - " I do not know, we will have to see when I am all grown up!"

Apparently the first time they had this conversation she said that she: wanted to help her friends and other people when they have a boo boo like Grandma had a boo boo on her heart and went to heaven.

April 14, 2008


Last weekend we cleaned out the garage and storage area at Eric's parent's house. Anyone who knows my in-laws knows that no one has been able to walk into the garage in years (let alone actually park a car in there). And the storage area (that is the size of the living room) was packed as well. We started at 9am and finished sometime after 5. After 5 (or was it 6?) truckloads to the dump and 1 load to the DAV we still had 1/2 of the driveway full of items for the post garage sale at the end of the month. It was funny the number of people who kept stopping by thinking that it was a garage sale. Everything was just piled up (left side of the driveway to sell, right side and grass for keepers)  and there were no garage sale signs but we still made ~$100.
We are so blessed by family and friends. Billy and Amanda came by for a while and were a HUGE help. They stationed themselves in the storage room and handed stuff out. While this does not sound so difficult, you can not stand up in the storage room. The ceiling is at about shoulder height (at least for my short family). There is no way that we would have gotten it all done without them. Mom was there watching the kids, and Dad even stopped by after work to help load boxes and bins back into the storage room (which is now only 1/4 full) and into the garage. Dwayne has reserved a UHaul to bring up the garage full (ok, it is down to 1/2 of the garage now) of stuff to be sold at the post garage sale. Anything that doesn't sell will be delivered to the DAV the next day.
I really should have taken pictures of the HUGE pile of stuff in the driveway, but I was too busy helping Sarah sort through everything.

2008_04_13_0244Yesterday I actually got to play in my scrapbook room for a little while. I even made some cards!

Last night we had a surprise Bday party for April. Her Mom took her and Kelsey to Lonestar for dinner, and we were all there! She was definitely surprised and we all had a good time. My steak was too salty and they made it wrong the first time (Blu Cheese... yuck!) so I did not get my dinner until everyone else was almost done.

Lauren was not feeling well and wanted to be on my lap the entire time. Of course she perked right up when we got home and took a bath. She did not sleep well and kept waking up calling out to me (about every 1/2 hour) so I finally brought her into bed with me at about 1am. She still woke up a couple more times but all I had to do was rub her back and she went back to sleep. I think it is her molars, They have been bothering her for the last month, but still have not broken through.

2008_04_03_0255_edited1 I am uploading a few new pics of the girls. Last week Eric took them down to the park while it was drizzling and let them splash in the puddles. They had a blast of course. We finally got Lauren some rain boots this weekend but are still looking for a raincoat for her.

I can't believe that it is spring, and yet it snowed here this weekend. It is supposed to be nice all this week... fingers are crossed!

April 2, 2008

Busy Tuesday

Yesterday was one busy day, but I got a lot done! Before 10 I had cleaned the playroom (which looked like a tornado had hit it, with no exaggeration!) took a load of stuff to the DAV, dropped off some toys at Sarah's, dropped off some dry-cleaning and met Dad for breakfast. Then Dad helped me work on some little projects that needed done in the house. So now I have sheet-rock at the base of the stairs, 2 holes have been patched (from some electrical work done last year), a vent cover installed, a piece of paneling re-hung in the playroom, and some sheet-rock patching around some outlets that needed done. Plus Dad fixed the door going into the garage which has been sticking since we bought the place.

And if that wasn't enough, after less than 24 hours on Craigslist Eric sold the Jetta! So Tuesday was a good day in the Boettcher household.