January 26, 2009

Another week has gone by...

And here are my day 18 - 24 updates.


January 18 - The view from our sliding glass door. The weather warmed up enough to melt all of the ice/ snow and the birds were taking advantage of it!

January 19th - I missed a day... I am not sure if I am going to "cheat" or just leave it alone.


January 20th - Election Day! Crappy picture of my TV while watching the evening news replay the inauguration ceremony.


January 21st- This is what the furniture looks like when we are vacuuming or shampooing the carpets. Normally the ottoman is up on the couch or chair as well. I had just finished shampooing the carpets...


  January 22nd - The girls' toothbrushes all ready to go!


January 23rd - A picture of my end-table... this is a good "snapshot" of me. A cup of water (I always have one nearby), a stack of scrapbooking magazines, whatever book I am currently reading and a box of tissues (for my eternally runny nose!)


January 24th - The girls watching a movie after their bath, in their "cozies" (Footed PJs)

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