September 29, 2008

Another busy weekend!

After being out of town for a week for some training, I came home to a very busy weekend schedule.

Friday we took the kids to the Deana Rose Children's Farmstead. The kids got to see some animals, catch their first fish, and bottle feed baby goats. Too bad it is so far away, or we would go there all of the time! We did take some pictures, but they are still on the camera.

Saturday Eric was over at my parent's house working on his car, and then Saturday evening we went out for our anniversary dinner at The Raphael. We have been married for 6 years, and yet it seems like it has been much longer. We have known each other since high school (though we were not HS Sweethearts) and were best friends before we started to date.

Sunday we took the kids to the Renaissance Festival. Mom, Billy and Amanda met us there and we all had a good time. Mom bought the girls crowns, so all day they were being greeted and called "Princess" by all of the actors. Megan loved it! One of these years we will have an "Adult only" outing to Ren Fest so that we can take our time in the shops and watch all of the bawdy shows.

So.. That was our very busy weekend. I am ready for a not so busy week! Too bad that it will not happen this week. Tue evening I have a Relay for Life Captains meeting (gotta get a sitter!) Wednesday after work we are all going over to my Grandparent's to help with some projects and celebrate my Bday. Thursday IS my Bday (I might take it off) and Eric is making yummy Chicken Marsala and we will celebrate with the in-laws. This weekend should be quiet atleast!

September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Amanda!

Happy Birthday little sister. Boy, that makes me feel old!

The Circus and Starlight

2008 09 13_0067 We had a busy Saturday this weekend. We had tickets for the Barnibum Bailey Circus at the Sprint Center for 3:00, we got there in time for the pre-show where you can go down on the floor, but so did everyone else. So we decided to go wait in our seats. We had much better seats this time (for the Disney Princesses on Ice Show we were in the nosebleed section) though I really should have gotten seats on the side instead of on an end. The girls had fun, but poor Lauren was so tired! She had missed her nap and fell asleep after intermission.

After the Circus, we had time to get the kids home, Eric took the dog for a quick walk while we waited for Dwayne and Carla so that we could go to Starlight for Les Miserables. The show was amazing.. and wet. It rained the ENTIRE time. Luckily we stopped by Cabelas on our way to the Circus and bought some ponchos, so we stayed mostly dry. It was the last show of the season and we loved it though.

I am uploading the circus pictures to the August-September album now!

September 10, 2008

The things kids say (and do)

Megan loves princesses, that is not new. While "Beauty" (Belle) is her favorite, Sleeping Beauty is a close second. At bedtime lately she has started asking to "play Aurora". She will act out the spinning wheel scene. "Touch the spindle, touch it I say" and then fall on the floor in a "deep sleep". Then we have to carry her to bed like a princess. It reminds me when I was little and would sneak into my parent's room at bedtime and pretend to fall asleep so that my Dad had to carry me into my bed. Like a princess. Do all little girls do that?

I need to take a picture of her "asleep" on the floor so that I can scrapbook it!

Did I use qoutes enough in this post?

September 8, 2008


I was pretty busy this weekend.

I decided that since Eric had dressed the girls in jeans and long sleeve shirts Thursday, that meant it was time for me to decorate for fall. I love fall.. the crisp air, warm colors, Harvest Yankee candles (my absolute fav!). Eric wasn't convinced, but he didn't really have much of a say since he was heading off to work!

Saturday night I watched Jason and Kendra's kids so they could go out for her 21st birthday. The kids were pretty good all night and Megan and Lauren were excited to have a sleepover.

Sunday morning Eric made French Toast (yummy!) before he left for work. I took the kids out back to play, and Justin slid in dog poo, so I gave him a quick bath and got him changed. Jason and Kendra showed up around 1230 to get the kids. After that I got busy cleaning and re-arranging. I moved the glider from the girl's room and put it downstairs. Not quite sure where it will go yet, but I don't want to get rid of quite yet. The reason for this change is that I wanted to get the HUGE barbie house out of the living room. So the glider had to move, the bookcase was moved in it's place, and the Barbie house where the bookcase was. I also moved the toy chest in the living room into another corner, and brought a bunch of toys downstairs to the play room.

Then I vacuumed the upstairs, swept and mopped the kitchen and bathroom, gave the girls a bath, shampooed the carpet where Lauren pooped after her bath (poor thing has the runs.. and didn't have a pull-up on yet. She was so upset!) went ahead and shampooed a spot in the living room that needed it as well.

I got the girls in bed, took a shower, did all of the dishes, cleaned out the fridge and took out the trash, folded 3 loads of laundry and then sat down with a glass of Eric's port and watched the Bones season premier that we had on the DVR for almost a week. It was nice to sit there and enjoy my drink, looking around at the clean living room with all my pretty fall decorations up. I just hope that it is all still clean when I went home since Eric stayed home with the girls today (Lauren can't go to daycare with the runs).

And that was my weekend! This week I have a final due (Thursday), dinner with a friend of Eric's and his 2 kids (Friday), and the circus and a starlight show (Saturday). Hopefully I will be able to relax, and maybe play in my scrapbook room on Sunday!