January 12, 2009

Craft room update

The cabinets have been installed! I am still working on getting everything put away, but I love my room! This morning it put a smile on my face as I passed the doorway on my way out of the house (this room is across from the door leading out to the garage). Tonight I will let the girls play in the playroom while I get more things put away! It is tough deciding where everything is going to go. I am waiting on a few storage boxes that I ordered from Joann's  (pink of course) that should be here this week.

I also ordered this for my room from Enchanting Quotes (in pink)


I ordered one for Amanda as well (so if you see this.. act surprised when I give it to you!)

Looking into the room from the doorway

2009 01 10_0524  

Looking back towards the doorway

2009 01 10_0525

The doorway on the left (you can barely see the frame in the second picture) is the door to the playroom. The second door (next to the safe) is to the bathroom. The bathroom is our next project (it is currently gutted) and then we will spruce up the playroom.

We still need to put in the baseboards in the craft room, and finish the window frame and the doorframe to the stairs. The wall color in the first picture behind the fairy lamp is closest to what it actually looks like. Between the small window and the flourescent lights it was hard to get the color to look right in the camera!

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louise said...

Ohhhh totally gorgeous room! Love it!