January 12, 2009

Monday already?

I have been really good about taking a picture every day for Project 365. I know.. it is still early in Jan and I will probably get annoyed with this later in the year. But I think it is such a great idea!

Jan 8, 2009 - Day 8 - After baths the girls run into their bedroom and jump on Megan's bed "hiding" under their towels. I then walk into the room calling out for them and asking "where did they go?" Giggles and wriggling under the towels start, and then I tickle them. They love it!


Jan 9, 2009 - Day 9 - Some days you just have to rely on fast food. Atleast I chose Subway this time (we have a Subway in our local Wal-mart.. which is where we happened to be at 6pm this evening)


Jan 10, 2009 - Day 10 - My cabinets are installed! I intended to take a picture of Dad actually installing them, but I was too excited. I remembered to run up and grab the camera while I was putting supplies away. I am not done yet, it is hard to decide where everything is going to go!


Jan 11, 2009 - Day 11 - Playing at Cody Park, or "Play Park" as the girls call it.


2009 01 11_0521

We went to Whole Foods this weekend to get some wierd Cheese for Dwayne's birthday cheesecake. I had never been to a Whole Foods before. WOW! It is probably a good thing for my wallet that the closest one is 40 min away. If we ever got one closer to us I would be there way too much.

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Karen said...

The 365 picture idea is a great one! I hope you print them all and put them in an album in order; it would be a great keepsake even if you don't scrapbook them at all. Are the cabinets for your craft room? How cool! I love organizing, too.