March 2, 2009

Metamorphosis Monday #7

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I forgot to plan my Metamorphosis Monday! My favorite Metamorphosis is actually not a home improvement/ decor one, but still special and I would love to share it.

I can not find a before picture on my computer right now, but I will update this post when I find the CD.  Picture a traditional wedding dress...

this is what it looks like now:





We had my wedding dress turned into a Christening gown! We sent my dress to Little Miracles and had her custom make the christening gown. We also had a boys "christening romper" and hat made out of it at the same time since we knew we would have more than one child. Since we had 2 girls the romper is waiting for future grand-babies to wear. Now I can say that both of my girls have worn my wedding dress.

The outfits were made from just the skirt of my wedding gown. The bodice if the gown is still completely intact, so should the girls decide that they want to, one of them can have a wedding gown made with my bodice.

I was nervous to send off my wedding dress... but I am so glad that I did. It isn't like I was going to wear it again. And I didn't have the space to store it.

So. That is my Metamorphosis to share for Metamorphosis Monday. Click on the butterfly to see what other's are sharing today!


KBeau said...

What a wonderful and creative way to use your wedding gown. Hope you have that grandson someday.

Knitty said...

What a wonderful way to use your gown. I wish I had done that. I have two grown sons so my gown isn't likely to ever be worn again.

LindaQ said...

What a wonderful idea, you just told me what to do with my old wedding gown that my mother made.
Love it,
Linda Q

Carolyn said...

Lovely choice for today's Met Monday! Sorry for the late visit; too many errands...
Carolyn of What Now? Tablescapes

Cass said...

what a lovely story, and wow... beautiful baby!!

Kim said...

Fabulous idea! Beautiful christening gown!! Keep your fingers crossed for a grandson so you can use the romper someday. Thanks for sharing!

Ellen said...

The dress and bonnet are beautiful, but the baby is the best!

L2L said...

what an amazing idea as soo beautiful!!!! We have not had our little girl dedicated, she's almost two now. we wanted the same pastor that dedicated the boys to dedicate her also. But I just might do that with my dress. Although mine is not as lovely as yours. We got married in a bowling alley and I got my dress on clearance. Sounds frighting but it was so much fun and we were so in love, just our style lol.
p.s. thanks for stopping by