February 25, 2009

Etsy Wish List

I love handmade items. Especially jewelry. I have been lucky in that my little sister makes gorgeous jewelry so I have not paid much attention to the jewelry section on Etsy. Until I found a link to Lara Lewis' Etsy shop. She makes beautiful vintage inspired jewelry, some using actual vintage findings! My favorites are:


I think that these would be beautiful together and I love dragonflies! Too bad I really do not need to be spending $$ right now. We still need to pay the tax man and pay off the Disney Cruise. Unfortunately my Birthday is too far away and the likelihood of these still being available then is slim. So I will just drool instead.

I really think that Amanda needs to set up an Etsy shop to sell some of her beautiful pieces!

Here are some other Etsy items that I would love to own. The images are linked to their Etsy store listing.

I have had a thing for aprons lately...


Of course this one is for sizes 0-8... which I certainly do not fit into. She does custom sizing as well though!


So cute!

And these!



I am not sure why I am loving aprons so much lately. It is not like I cook often, let alone bake!

Ok.. that is enough Etsy drooling for now. What are some of your favorite Etsy finds?

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Christina said...

The jewelry is beautiful. Esp. the necklace. I love aprons too, but never wear them. Thanks for visiting our blog. I left a comment below on your craft room post too. Love it.