March 6, 2009

Visiting Grandma's Stone

Every day there is at least one mention of Judy in our house, and it usually comes from the girls. Megan will frequently take the picture of her and Judy off of her dresser and hold it. She misses her Grandma, and will tell us all of the time. Lauren has started to do it too... unfortunately I do not think that she really remembers her. She does point to Judy's picture if you ask her which Grandma she misses.

They also ask to go visit Grandma's stone. And any time we drive down Eisenhower Rd they say "That is where Grandma's stone is!" and usually ask to go see it. We take them at least once a month. They like to bring flowers, and I even keep a pair of scissors in the car to cut the stems with so that the flowers sit in the vase nicely.

The first time Eric took the girls by themselves, they hugged and kissed the headstone. All on their own. Megan likes to say all of the letters on the headstone and Lauren likes to run in the grass. Right now there are no other graves behind Judy's and there is a big open area before the next set of headstones start.

As we drive away they always say "Goodbye Grandma! We miss you! We love you!" Again... all on their own with no prompting from us.

I am glad that the girls knew their Grandma for a little while, and I just know that she is bursting with pride that they miss her so much. I am sure that sounds weird... but if you knew Judy you would understand.

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prof en retraite said...

Oh, this is so sweet! It may help them to remember thier grandmother. I'm sure she is smiling down from heaven!...Debbie