August 14, 2009

Operation Organization Week 3

This week was not as successful as last week, at least on the organization front. On one hand the counter that I cleaned and organized last week is still clean! However, I did NOT complete my mission for this week: the messy bakers rack. I was initially going to extend that mission to week 3, but the girl's playroom really needs some attention so I think that the bakers rack will have to be put off for a while. I do not have a picture of the playroom handy, but I promise to take a before picture... before I start cleaning it.

The girls have way too many toys in the playroom, many of them have not been played with in a long time. The room is too small for all of the clutter so we will be donating quite a few toys this weekend. We really need to pull up the carpet since that room gets some water in it when we have really bad storms. So far the sheetrock does not look like it has any mold, but I am sure that the carpet does. We will not be replacing the carpet until we fix the problem though, so the kids will be playing on concrete. I really need to find an area rug!

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