August 5, 2009

Mommy and Megan time - School supply shopping!

Yesterday afternoon I took off from work after lunch (with the girls) and picked up Megan from Kindercare to go school supply shopping! I could have just purchased the supply pack from the school, but I loved shopping for supplies when I was a kid, and I wanted Megan to have that experience as well. So off we went to Wal-Mart to grab her supplies. She had a blast picking everything out. I made sure that she understood that the teacher is going to put everything in a cabinet and all of the students are going to share, so that she does not get upset when she does not get the yellow notebook that she picked out.

2009 08 04_1983 

2009 08 04_1984 

2009 08 04_1985 

She really wanted the Princess lunch box, but she is getting hot lunches and did not need a lunch box.

2009 08 04_1987 

After we were done at Wal-Mart we went for ice-cream at Dairy Queen!

2009 08 04_1988 

2009 08 04_1992 

She is always so dramatic! It was a nice afternoon though, just Mommy and Megan.

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Jen said...

How precious! I love the idea of sharing supplies. I wish all schools had that attitude. What a great day... One day I'll have a Mommy and Me, and I won't be changing diapers to do it! :-)