August 7, 2009

Operation Organization Week 2

I completed week one of Operation Organization! 

Here are the before pictures of our clutter counter. This is the counter that everything gets thrown on. Mail, receipts, broken toys, pet supplies etc. It is also the counter that my laptop lives on when I bring it home from work, and the location of the only working phone in the house (good thing the house is small).


2009 08 02_1918 


2009 08 06_1995 

I completely cleared off the counter and wiped it down. The basket has mail and bills in it, but only until my Fridge File gets here. I saw the fridge file on the Organizing Junkie blog, and here is her review.
The BH&G recipe box (that has been in my "alter" drawer in my craft room for at least a year) holds my power cable and mouse for my laptop. I usually only bring my laptop home from work on the weekends, so for the rest of the week the cords will be contained here. The Moose Munch box from Harry and David has all of the pet stuff in it.
A lot of the papers that were on the counter got filed away in a portable file box that is now next to the wine rack in the kitchen (it was in my bedroom). I would love to have a kitchen with a built in desk someday, but until then this is what I have. I plan on getting a wall mounted phone, and a prettier container for all of the pet stuff. I also plan on staging this counter with seasonal clutter decor now that I can actually see the counter!

And, because I am keeping it real. Right after I took the above picture the light fell down again. I need to find some strong adhesive to keep it on the cabinet above!

2009 08 06_1997

The goal for week two continues the kitchen organization... with the bakers rack! I do not have a before picture yet.. so I will save that for next Friday's post. For now, picture an overgrown plant, way too many cookbooks, a blender and food processor, some phone books and miscellaneous other junk all thrown on a bakers rack in our eat-in kitchen. The only time this area looks attractive is at Christmas when I hide all of the cookbooks and set up my snowmen.


Amber said...

Your kitchen counter looks great! That was my challenge for week one too and it just makes me smile to see it so nice and clean and organized. Can't wait to see what you can accomplish this week!

Christa said...

That's amazing! You did a great job. It looks like a completely different space.

mub said...

Your counter looks great! I really like the way the shelf looks with all the bottles.

Melinda Means said...

Wow! Looks awesome!!! Great work! ;0) A clean kitchen counter makes such a humongous difference. Good luck this week!

graywolfie said...

Hey...ur kitchen counter looks great..amazing..!

Karen said...

Great job! As an organization fan myself, I got a thrill second-hand from this post! :)