July 24, 2009

Tumor Update

I had my first appt with the neurosurgeon yesterday. After a 2.5 hour wait we finally got in to see the Dr. She said that
because the tumor is so small, most likely benign, and because I
am not showing any symptoms, she wants to wait and watch it for a while.
I will have a repeat MRI in 3 months, and we will see if it is growing
at all. If it doesn't then I will just live with this thing in my head
and get regular MRIs. If it does, then we will discuss surgery.

She is also presenting my case in front of the KU Med Tumor Board on
Aug 3rd. There are 6 neurosurgeons that get together and review cases.
I should hear back on Aug 4th what the board decided, but she expects
that they will recommend monitoring as well.

When we finally left the hospital, Eric and I went down to the Plaza for dinner. We went to Plaza III and had a yummy dinner, followed by some Gelato from another place (sorry.. can't remember the name!) while we walked around for a bit before going home.  All in all, not a bad day.

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