July 21, 2009

A rollercoaster month

July has been an emotional roller coaster for our family. We have had lots of good family time, but it was tempered (at least for the adults) by some not so good news.

I get migraines, have had them for the past couple of years. This lead to me getting a CT scan
a couple of weeks ago. The CT results showed an "asymmetric density"
which led to an MRI. My MRI results came back on July 7th and showed that
I have a 1cm mass adjacent to the right lateral ventricle.  Yep. I have a brain tumor.

I have been referred to KU Med and will see a neurosurgeon on Thursday. From my research so far I have found that the type
of mass that the radiologist suspects it is is usually benign, and meningiomas are usually very slow growing. There
are two treatment options if it IS a meningioma, wait and see - which
involves multiple MRIs to monitor for any growth, or brain surgery to
remove it. Because of the location, either in or pressing up against
the right ventricle, surgery is likely. I will know more after I meet
with the neurosurgeon. We are considering either MD Anderson or the Mayo Clinic for my second opinion and treatment, so trips to either Minnesota or Texas are in the future.

On the other hand, I received some very good news yesterday. The promotion that I have been working so hard for has finally come through! Unfortunately my excitement over the promotion has been tempered by anxiety about my appt with the neurosurgeon.

So, that has been my July so far. I am in pretty good spirits about it all, and have faith that everything will be ok.

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Jen said...

I will keep you in my prayers every night, hon. I had no idea!
Congratulations on your promotion- you've earned it, God knows!
Love you so much!! Hang in there, ok? No sense worrying about anything- you're in good hands. [hug]