February 2, 2009

I am glad it is Monday!

I do not say that often... but today I was glad to be going to work. It was one thing after another this weekend, the only good part was that the weather was nice on Saturday (68) and the kids got to play outside.

And now for the Project 354 Update

January 25- Megan and Emily at Emily's 5th Bday party at T-Rex

January 26th - Playing with Play-Doh

January 27th - Lauren trying on her new Summer Gymboree stuff. She would not take off the swimsuit (under the dress)

January 28th - The pile of CLEAN clothes on Lauren's bed waiting for me to put away.

January 29th - My new (un-fixed) haircut

January 30th - Fashionista Megan!

January 31st - The inside of our bed... and the reason for my bad weekend! I spent all day Saturday trying to find and repair a leak.

February 1st - My Project Management text. I am also taking my Directed Research Project (80 pg thesis) at the same time.

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