February 4, 2009

I want to play!

Don't you hate it when you are motivated to create something... but do not have the time/ energy? I do! I saw this Weightloss Planner by Jen Kaputo on Jen's blog, and really want to make it!


The files are only available from DailyDigi as a part of their monthly "kit", The DigiFiles. Check it out.. this is an amazing deal! So I bought the DigiFiles, checked out the templates which are the same as the Weight Watchers planner pages (which is perfect for me!), but Jen included the PDF version so that you can customize it. Awesome! Here is some more information on the Planner.

I even got a BindItAll for Christmas that I have not gotten to play with yet! And I know what Colors/PP I want to use and everything! I want to use PTI's Raspberry Fizz and Black and White Basics.

Raspberry-Fizz-Mix-front-cover  Black--White-Basics-front-cover 

So, the plan is to finish my homework in the evenings this week so that I can spend Saturday in my craft room creating my own Weightloss Journal.


abi said...

what great colours love the stripes!

Tenia Nelson said...

Very nice!! tfs!!