February 19, 2009

In just 10 minutes...

10 minutes - Nester
The Nester has completed her 10 minutes to a room you'll love series and has asked everyone to share their 10 minute makeovers. As I am writing this, there are 92 links! Everyone has done an amazing job. I decided to use my 10 minutes on my entry table. Here is the before:
2009 02 18_0774_edited-1 

The laundry basket to the left is actually clean clothes waiting to be folded. My gym bag, Eric's shoes (4 pair!) The girl's coats and winter gear, my purse, and my Valentine flowers.

This is what 10 minutes and some shopping of the house accomplished.
2009 02 19_0768_edited-1
2009 02 19_0769_edited-1

This is what I did. I moved the laundry basket next to my chair (I will fold it tonight.. I promise!) and put away all of the coats and shoes. I brought up my other basket that I had in my craft room and took the Christmas liners out of them. Then I separated the adult hats and gloves from the kids. The kid's basket is still full, but nowhere near what it was before. I did not get a picture of it, but the bottom shelf is empty. When the kids are a little older I will feel more comfortable putting decorative items on the bottom shelf!

For the top, I gathered some books (a la Nester) and some frames that were still in the packaging. I decided that I wanted some older pictures in them so back down to my craft room I went. The picture on the left is my parent's wedding photo. The one on the right is of my Grandparents and my Mother when she was a baby. A candle and candleholder and a bowl of kisses finished it off!  I wish that I had a crystal or glass bowl to put in the center, but the only one that I had close to the right size was my green one.

It is amazing what 10 minutes and some ironing (the placemats.. my red table runner is in my Christmas boxes...) will do!


Meg said...

And fresh flowers are always wonderful!

Sherri S said...

Great quick little spruce up and makeover. I love the red!!!

victoria ~ auction girl vintage said...

This looks great, Kelly, but the books are driving me nuts (former English teacher and literacy trainer, and major big time reader ...). I know you put them that way on purpose, just to use the colors, but not seeing the titles is killing me :o)
Victoria :o)

Kelly said...

My Mom said the same thing! The books are murder mysteries, chosen for their color, and I did not think that "Murder Suicide" was appropriate for the entry table. I plan on hitting up the used bookstore in town this weekend to see what I can find to replace them.

jenjen said...

It looks great! I love the color and the baskets. They really transform the piece.
Awesome job!

Kat said...

Thanks for leaving comment love on my room post. I'm the one who moved the deer. And I have no suggestions on getting rid of the antlers. I moved that deer without the consult of my husband. I just did it, and he actually really liked it! And I like your room re-do. Nothing like removing laundry and such to revive a room :) Oh, and I also like your baskets!

The Nester said...

YOU did a great job! I think making it pretty helps keep it organized. At least, that's what I tell myself.