February 13, 2009

My week...

Sunday Eric and I had our taxes done, only to find out that instead of the refund that we were expecting, that we owe this year due to the IRA we withdrew from Judy's estate to pay for  funeral costs and to pay off Eric's student loan. That night we  went to The Melting Pot to celebrate Valentines day (since he has to work this weekend). Yummy dinner, nice and quiet (Mom was watching the girls for us) and nice conversation. Perfect!

Wednesday Lauren has a follow-up for an ear infection. We waited for an hour in the waiting room, and then for ANOTHER hour in the exam room before the doctor saw us. Her appointment was at 4:30, and we did not see the doctor until 6:30. Mom had dinner waiting for us, Dad was waiting for me so that we could work on our father/daughter project, the kids were hungry and I was overwhelmed. The girls were well behaved for the first hour, but after that got bored quickly and would not listen. I was so frustrated. I knew that it was not their fault, and I had to try so hard not to snap/ yell at them. I ended up calling my Mom in tears. I do not know why I was so overwhelmed at this point, or why I was so emotional about it. It was like a dam burst. Luckily I managed to calm myself before the doctor came into the room. Then I find out that Lauren has ANOTHER ear infection! We are on our last antibiotic option before they give her shots. She is still young enough that they do not want to do tubes, and we think that the ear infections are caused by her allergies since she was off of her allergy meds the past few months. She has gotten better since we re-started her Singulair.

I have the best Mom. Really, I know that a lot of people think this, but in my case it is simply the truth. Dinner was ready when we got to Mom and Dads. She fed the girls, and then took them home to my house, got them ready for bed, sang (lots) of songs, and was waiting with a smile when I got home from the woodshop (it was only 9ish). I had a nice couple of hours with my Dad (and Billy) working on my ribbon rack for my craft room. They even let me use the power tools!

Last night was pretty mellow in comparison, though I did have a headache all day. The girls signed all of their valentines for their part today, we ate an easy dinner (soup and sandwiches) and then went downstairs to play for a while. I got a gift for Eric finished and the girls "made art" with stickers and markers.

Tonight Mom is coming over and we are having a grown-up girls night. The little girls will be at daycare until bedtime since daycare is having a "Parent's Night Out" pizza and movie event tonight. I was going to take Mom out, but she wanted to stay in and be crafty! (See.. another reason that I have the BEST MOM EVER!)

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