December 15, 2011

Visitors/ Visiting at Christmas

We have a pretty consistent plan in place for spending time with family and friends for Christmas. Christmas eve we spend with Eric's family. This has evolved over the years from a full out formal dinner and then gifts when Judy was alive, to a more casual occasion. It is always more subdued now without Judy there... like something, or someone is missing.

This year it will actually be brunch instead of dinner to work around everyone's obligations. Christmas Eve evening we will go to the 6pm Mass where I will be singing with the choir, and after Mass we will get together with our good friends Dave and Bea and their 2 kids for drinks and appetizers.
Christmas morning is just the 4 of us for breakfast and opening gifts. While we miss Sira all of the time, I think that it will be hardest on Christmas! We do plan to Skype with her Christmas morning though.

Eric has to work at 11 on Christmas Day, so when he leaves for work I will let the kids play for a little while longer and then we will head to my parent's house for our 3rd gift exchange! There are always a lot of people crowded into Mom and Dad's house for Christmas. My grandparents, my parents (of course), the 4 of us, My sister and her husband, my aunt, my brother and his girlfriend, his kids, and even sometimes another niece and nephew.

Christmas for us is all about spending time with family and friends, and I love every minute of it!

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