December 19, 2011

JYC Catch Up

Ok.. I am just a little (ok, a lot) behind on the Journal Your Christmas entries! So this post is going to be a catch up post with multiple topics. I am still not sure if I will actually print these and make an album, but just in case I get motivated I had better catch up!

The Perfect Gift
Is there such a thing as a perfect gift? I tend to wait until November before I start shopping for gifts, I order the bulk of them online and I always want to find the "perfect" gift for someone. Sometimes I use wishlists (Amazon rocks!) and sometimes I can come up with a great idea on my own. Some gifts are handmade (yeah, I am still working on a couple of those...) but I am always nervous that the recipient will not like it. My goal for the future is to have MOST of the gifts that I give be handmade, but in order for that to occur I have to start working on them in January!

What's for Dinner?
For the Boettcher Family celebration the menu is different every year. We have had Ham, Turkey, Beef Wellington, Tenderloin, Crown Roast and many other options, this year we are actually having brunch. 
On the Frymire side the menu is part of the tradition, and it is pretty much a replica of our Thanksgiving menu. Turkey, sage stuffing, apple salad, orange jello salad, Amanda's homemade noodles, Mom's apple pie etc. 
I love that we have the best of both worlds and get the comfort food as well as getting to try something new!

Brown Paper Packages
I would love to have a huge pile of beautifully wrapped an coordinated gifts under my tree. The reality is a mix of gift bags, decorative sweater boxes, and gifts all in different colors/ patterns with a metallic bow stuck on top. I still have wrapping paper from at least 7 years ago. I tend to follow my Mom's tradition of wrapping each gift in a different paper. I know that I could start from scratch, buy some new paper and have my beautifully coordinated pile of gifts. But there is a part of me that does not want to "waste" the paper that I already have.
My plan for this year is to hit up the after Christmas sales and buy a bunch of pretty gift-wrapping ribbon and coordinating paper and start fresh next year. Lets see if that actually occurs though!

Oh Christmas Tree
I love the smell of a fresh tree, but I hate the mess. We have cats. Cats who like to climb the Christmas tree. I also do not enjoy putting the lights on the tree. Oh, and we now have high ceilings and like a 9 ft tree. So, artificial works for us! Our current tree is only a year old, so I am hoping that we get a few more good years out of it before we have to replace it. Maybe then we will consider getting a real tree. Or not.

A Moment of Clarity
There are a lot of things that I am grateful for this Christmas season. Family and friends are certainly on the top of my list. Both Eric and I have pretty stable jobs, and this year has been tough for some of my friends in the job arena which has made me very thankful for my job, and the career decisions that I made a few years ago.

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Jen Adcock said...

What a lovely post I enjoyed the insight into your family life. Happy Holidays! Enjoy!