December 14, 2011

Playing Santa

It is interesting how different families have different traditions for how to pass out and open gifts on Christmas morning, or whenever your gift exchange occurs.

With Eric's family a couple of people hand out the gifts and everyone opens them all at once. A little chaotic, even with such a small group, and it goes way too quickly. In the past we have tried to institute the one person open a gift at a time, but it rarely lasts long.

For our immediate family gift exchange it is one gift at a time, but this exchange is much smaller so it is easier. 

After all the gifts are opened Christmas morning at home, we go to my parents house for gifts and dinner. At my parents house someone is nominated to play "Santa", they have to wear a Santa hat and pass out the gifts to everyone. This can take a while since we usually have anywhere from 13 - 20 people crammed into my parents living room Christmas day. Last year my parent's exchange student Neila was "Santa" with some help from the kids.

After ALL of the gifts are passed out it is time to open. Youngest goes first, and everyone watches him open his gift before the next youngest goes.. and on and on. With this many people the gift opening/ exchange can last well over an hour. But it is nice because everyone gets to see what everyone else got, and we have an opportunity to thank the giver immediately.
I love our Christmas traditions!

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