April 17, 2009


The girls have gotten a few puzzles lately and love them! Megan is doing very well at the larger (150 piece?) puzzles and Lauren is good at the 24 piece puzzles.

2009 04 06_0941
 2009 04 06_0943
I love puzzles, so it is hard for me not to jump in and help. I can not believe how fast they are growing up! Megan needed a little more help with her puzzle since there was a lot of monochromatic pieces in hers. Lauren did great on her own though! Eric coached her a little to look at the box when she needed help, but she did just fine!

And of course they were dressed like princesses (and Tinkerbell) and their bears had matching dresses on!
2009 04 06_0940

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Jan said...

Your girls are so adorable and I remember well the temptation to jump in and "help" with the puzzle. I did occasionally get too involved and ended up sitting in front of a bambi puzzle working on it on my own. Good for you for letting them work it out on their own.
Glad to have found your blog!