April 21, 2009

Metamorphosis Monday #14 / Tackle it Tuesday

Ok, I know that it is Tuesday, so I am combining my Metamorphosis Monday and my Tackle it Tuesday posts.

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This weekend I cleaned up my craft room and painted my ribbon rack! Here is the metamorphosis of my ribbon rack. I saw a similar one (but much smaller) online somewhere and asked my Dad if we could make one like it. I wanted to be able to pull my ribbon on and off easily without having to thread/un-thread all of the spools from a dowel. This is what we came up with!

2009 02 11_0711
2009 02 11_0715

Yep. That is me with a nail gun. This is what it looks like now!

2009 04 20_0949
All of my loose ribbon is in the jars, and my spools are on the ribbon rack. I love that I have lots of room to grow, especially since I buy the new PTI ribbon every month. I figure I have a year or so before I will run out of room. The stray wire you see peeking out of the top is for a smoke detector that we have, but need to install. I still need to take pictures of the rest of the room while it is still clean!


Val (Mom2Men) said...

Awesome Rack! You look so natural holding that nail gun. LOL. What are you gonna build next???

Dana G said...

Ooohhh! Love that! I am totally outgrowing my ribbon storage and your new shelf looks like a dream to me! Have fun filling it up!

Robyn - Mom All Day said...

I LOVE that too!! What a great idea and it LOOKS so pretty!!! I don't make things with ribbon anymore, but I want to make one just to have it on the wall! Nice job. Are those open shelves, like just dowels going across and instead of threading them, you set them on top right? L-O-V-E I-T!

Karen said...

Do you see me DROOLING across the internet???? I am!!! What a wonderful place to hold all of your beautiful spooled ribbon!! :>:> Enjoy!

Karen said...

Wow, you are serious about ribbon! It's a great idea because ribbon can be such a pain to store. I love that the smoke detector is above it...we know what's important to you :) Just kidding :)