April 22, 2009

New Ribbon Storage

**This was posted on the family side yesterday**

This weekend I cleaned up my craft room and painted my ribbon rack!  I saw a similar one (but
much smaller) online somewhere and asked my Dad if we could make one
like it. I wanted to be able to pull my ribbon on and off easily
without having to thread/un-thread all of the spools from a dowel. This
is what we came up with!

2009 02 11_0711
2009 02 11_0715

Yep. That is me with a nail gun. This is what it looks like now!

2009 04 20_0949
of my loose ribbon is in the jars, and my spools are on the ribbon
rack. I love that I have lots of room to grow, especially since I buy
the new PTI ribbon every month. I figure I have a year or so before I
will run out of room. The stray wire you see peeking out of the top is
for a smoke detector that we have, but need to install. I still need to
take pictures of the rest of the room while it is still clean!


Tenia Nelson said...

Super cool!!! tfs!!

Babies- Beth said...

Ok, Beth, jealousy is not a good emotion, jealousy is not a good emotion, jealousy is not a good emotion...

Natasha said...

Wow! Very cool storage!

Denise said...

Oh drool....and I just love the chest of drawers underneath, love they are both white...beautiful. My other half is a cabinet maker by trade, think I will have to persuade him to 'case' this??? Oh and I love the background that you have on your blog, the colours are so fresh & calming. Thanks for sharing...Denise in Australia

Cindy H. said...

Fabulous. And the white and yellow look so pretty together. TFS.

BethieJ said...

That is AMAZING... and just what I need! LOL!! Happy FILLING it up!! :)

Bonnie Sharp said...

It is beautiful!! I can see hubbies and dad's all over the place going to their work rooms to copy this!! Install that smoke detector.....

Patti said...

Wow! So pretty, neat and organized. This is great!

Dragana (Happy Inker) said...

Great rack
1 Your dad should start selling those. Tell him how easy we are to get money out of... Lol.

Wendee said...

So is your dad selling the island & ribbon rack yet? I could so use them both!

Charla said...

very nice, I like this also since you don't have to thread and unthread from a dowel also.