April 15, 2009

Making Crayons

I saw a blog post somewhere that showed how to melt broken crayons into new shapes. I thought that was such a cool idea and we tried it. It was not very successful, though I think it was because of the small egg shaped pan that I used.
The girls had a blast taking all of the paper off of the broken crayons and sorting them into the pan. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture until they were already in the oven.

2009 03 21_0876
After a few minutes in the oven at a low temp (These were made a few weeks ago, I can not find the details now) this is what they looked like:

2009 03 21_0878

Not very pretty. A little better when they were removed from the pan though. It might have been the mix of crayon types/ brands but they did not work very well. The edges formed an almost clear wax and you had to "color" that off before the color actually worked. Before that happened, 2 of the crayons broke in half.

2009 03 21_0879
Oh well, the kids had fun and that is all that matters... right? We have plenty more broken crayons to try this again sometime. Maybe with  a different pan?

2009 03 21_0880

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