December 1, 2008

Our Thanksgiving week

I hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving! We had a decent week and have a lot to be thankful for.

Last Sunday was Judy's "Angel Birthday". It was a tough day and Megan still seems to be missing her "Grandma that is in heaven" a lot. She talks about her almost every day, and asks to go see "Grandma's stone" frequently.

On Monday my Great-Grandma Bice passed away. She was 99 years old. She was my Dad's favorite person and I know that she will be missed. I wish that I had known her. I did see her a few times in my life, the last time being in 2004 when I was pregnant with Megan. I remember it being a very nice visit and my Dad was so happy to see her.


We had a nice day on Thanksgiving. We had dinner at Dwayne's house. Carla, Sarah, Monty, Alana and Marin were there as well. I brought the camera but did not take any pictures. We had a nice time and everything was delicious! We ate dinner early enough that we had time to play a game (Sequence, girls against guys, Carla and I won 4 times out of 5!) before heading over to Amanda's for dessert. Lots of good food and family. Just what Thanksgiving is all about.

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