December 15, 2008

A busy week

This past week was a busy one for us! The girls had their Holiday Program on Thursday night. Megan did great! Lauren... not so much. She would not sing, she would not sit still while the other kids were singing, she would not listen to Mommy and Daddy. We ended up leaving after Megan's class got done because Lauren was just being a pill. This made Megan upset because she didn't get to talk to Santa (who showed up as we were leaving).

2008 12 11_0372 

2008 12 11_0377_edited-1 

Friday afternoon we took the girls down to Crowne Center. We saw the Gingerbread village:

2008 12 12_0290 

and watched the trains

2008 12 12_0297 

Visited Crayola Christmas

2008 12 12_0305_edited-1  2008 12 12_0306_edited-1 

Visited with Santa (BTW.. the BEST Santa and setup I have seen in a while! They even encouraged us to take our own pictures.. though we bought one of theirs as well)

2008 12 12_0311_edited-1 

Went to Fritz's for dinner, where the trains deliver your food...

2008 12 12_0314 

Played by the fountains

2008 12 12_0324  2008 12 12_0328_edited-1 

And went ice-skating!

2008 12 12_0335a  2008 12 12_0344 

There are LOTS more pictures in the December 2008 album!

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