August 27, 2008

Pictures in her eyes

In the morning, as we are getting ready for school (daycare) Megan tells me what pictures she saw in her eyes the night before. That is how she describes her dreams. A couple of times lately she has told me that she saw " The Grandma that is in heaven" leaning out of a cloud to give her angel kisses. This morning she said that her thumb and her finger were broken and then they were ok. And she also had princesses in her eyes. The first dream I get, but broken fingers?  Not sure where that came from! I want to remember the "pictures in her eyes" so that I could scrapbook it.

Tonight is her "family" Bday party at Mom and Dad's house!

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Jen said...

"Pictures in her eyes?" That is so beautiful! Maybe she dreamed her hurt her hand but it was healed? I just think it is so amazing how children have that contact with angels and the dead. They are just so open and innocent- it is incredible to watch! :-)