August 13, 2008

Not enough sleep...

Anyone that knows me knows that I am not into sports. Yes, I will watch the occasional game if we have friends over, but sports really isn't my thing. So why is it that I keep getting sucked into the Olympics and end up going to bed way too late? I just HAD to finish watching the Ladies Gymnastics Final (though I did not stay up for the medal ceremonies) and WOW. Even with the mistakes the USA Team was amazing. And China... again WOW.  I did not realize that they are chosen at a very young age (around 3) and literally grow up training for this. They only get to see their families once a year! Those are some talented young ladies.

I also watched the swimming finals. Michael Phelps is amazing. (I know... way too many "amazings" in this post) Makes me wish I had taken swimming lessons as a kid. Not that I would be anywhere close to motivated enough to be that good.

Swimming and gymnastics are really the only events that I am interested in, so maybe I will get to bed at a decent time tonight!

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Jen said...

If China actually played by the rules and had all of their gymnasts over the age of 16, I would totally agree with you. Every time I saw that little Lin Lin girl do something cool though, it made my stomach turn. Did you watch the opening ceremonies? Amazing!! :-) And (back to topic) ;-) WHY does NBC show all the good stuff so late?? I haven't been able to finish anything... :-(