August 4, 2008

Road Trips, Reunions and Home Maintenance

Road trips, reunions and home maintenance have been happening in the Boettcher household the past 2 weeks.

DSCF0017Every 3 years Eric's family has a reunion. His paternal grandmother's grandfather is the patriarch (Wilhelm Hein) and the reunion is for all of his descendants. The picture at left is all of the surviving grandchildren of Wilhelm Hein. There were 170ish attendees at the reunion, and 3 entire branches in the family were not represented.  While the majority of the family still lives in Wisconsin (Dairy farmers), there were "cousins" from Canada, D.C./Maryland, Nebraska and Kansas as well.

DSCF0094On our way up to the reunion we stopped in the Wisconsin Dells for 3 days. Megan was sick most of the way up there (not sure from what though) so that made the first day of our vacation go by very slow. I was so glad to see the signs for the Dells letting us know that we were almost there! We spent a day at Noah's Ark (America's Largest Waterpark according to the advertising) and Lauren loved it. Megan did ok, but was not as adventurous as Lauren. The girls loved seeing all of the animals and got to feed deer and even a giraffe!

When we got home we took a couple of days off, did some yardwork (ok, Eric did the yardwork) cleaned the garage and got some other home maintenance items checked off the list. Not as much as we would have liked, but oh well! There are more pictures in the July 2008 Album to the right. Typepad is not letting me format my pictures in my blog post the way I want them so I will just let you look at them in the album!

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