January 6, 2008

Chicken Pox and the ER

Yep. A wonderful start to the new year. Both girls have the chicken pox, and due to the apparently irrisistible taste of Benadryl we had to make a trip to the ER for some chocolate milk mixed with charcoal. Unfortunately for the girls I did not know who actually had the missing medicine so they both had to go to the ER. Megan claims that they both had some, so assuming they had equal amounts neither of them would have had a toxic dose. Better to be safe than sorry though, so off we went to the ER. Megan did great in the ER, and Lauren did not do bad considering the situation. I am so lucky that my parents live nearby. Mom came up to sit with Megan while I was holding Lauren (who refused to sit by herself) and then came back to the house to help me give the girls a bath and get them in bed.

So now I have a week of being cooped up with 2 itchy fussy girls to look forward to. If it weren't for the $200 ER bill that I am expecting in the mail I would have Eric take atleast 1 day off, but then he would lose his overtime pay for the week!

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