January 14, 2008

We survived!

We survived the chicken pox and I am so glad that we should not have to deal with that again (notice carefully worded phrase... "we should not") The girls handled it pretty well, Mommy on the other hand was going crazy! I did get a lot done during my forced time off of work though. The kitchen got a good cleaning, as well as the bathroom. I am almost caught up with laundry and I even cleaned out the closet in my craft room (I have a ton of books to get rid of, I am thinking of trying half.com... )

Cute Megan story. She loves her new Barbie house, and the other day she had all of the furniture set up in the kitchen. I asked her why it wasn't in her new house and she informed me that the Barbie house was the palace so the kitchen was Cinderella's (cause all of her Barbie's are princesses) house. Also,  she is so obsessed with princesses that her Barbies have to wear "ball gowns" or "they can't go to the ball" and she will not play with them. Crazy! So Mommy got on ebay and bought a bunch of Barbie ball gowns for her. She does not know this yet as I just won the auction this weekend, but I am sure that she will be thrilled when her dolls have a selection of ball gowns to choose from.

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