January 28, 2008

The Doodlebops

Megan and I both went to our first concert on Friday night. The Doodlebops came to the Sprint Center and Kendra was taking Emily and invited us to join them. We got pictures but they are on Kendra's camera so I hope to get them sometime this week from her. It was a good show, Megan had a blast dancing around, and they were pretty good performers. The Sprint Center is very nice as well, though the concessions are a rip off (typical for venues I know). What is sad is that I have been to the Ballet, seen Broadway plays at the Kennedy Center and have season tickets to Starlight... but I had never been to a concert. At 31 my first concert was the Doodlebops!

I finally scrapbooked Megan and Lauren's first birthday parties (no pictures yet.. I know... what is the point posting about them if I do not post pictures!) Only 3 years late for Megan but it is tough narrowing down the pictures! I received The Best of Becky Higgins for Christmas from Eric and LOVE it! I have already used it quite a few times to help with my pages. I love that I can narrow down my pictures, and then flip to the tab that correlates to that number of photos and choose a sketch! Ok... that is all for today. I know that I need to post more often, but there isn't that much going on! I will leave you with a cute quote from Megan while we were getting ready for bed the other night. Megan: "Mommy, you forgot one little detail" Me: "What?" Megan: "You forgot to get me a book!"

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