December 7, 2010

Sira's 16th Birthday

I think that Sira had a pretty good 16th Birthday. She woke up to streamers all over the place, balloons, and homemade cinnamon rolls (thanks Amanda!) and got to open one gift - her Abercrombie vest that she had been drooling over.

Her package from her Mom (Hi Walburga!) arrived just in time, ON her birthday.
Sira requested Apple Pie for her Birthday cake, and since my Mom makes the BEST homemade apple pie we begged her to make some for Sira's birthday, and of course she agreed.We even put 16 candles on the apple pie.
 There was a house-full of family and friends to sing Happy Birthday to Sira. My parents and Neila, Dwayne and Carla, Amanda and Billy, Aunt Rosie, April and Kelsey, Jason... and me, Eric and the girls of course!

On Saturday I played chauffeur to Sira, Neila, Hannah, Maike, Ashley and Amanda and drove them down to the plaza. They walked around the plaza (while I was nice and cozy in Starbucks reading a book) and then I waited (2 hours) for our table at the Cheesecake Factory. Dinner was excellent of course and we all had a good time. The girls stayed the night with Ashley Saturday night and did not get to bed until after 6 am!

More pictures are in the December Picassa Album!


Chris said...

LOL on the apple pie cake! Sounds like something mine would like, too!
Happy 16th birthday, Sira!

Anne B said...

Now that's a cake :) Sounds like a great day for Sira.