December 14, 2010

Crowne Center

No new crafts to blog about. I have a couple in progress that I ran out of supplies for (isn't that always the case?) and a couple that I can not post here since the recipients regularly read my blog. So instead I will blog about our family evening Friday night.

Two years ago we started our own tradition of visiting Crowne Center, taking the kids to see Santa, eating dinner at Fritz's and Ice Skating.This year Sira joined us of course, along with our neighbor Bea and her oldest Marcus. Marcus and Lauren are the same age, so all evening we were joking that it was their first date.
Marcus did not want to ice skate so Bea took him window shopping while we skated, but we were so glad that they joined us!

 As always there are many more pictures here!

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Stephanie said...

Looks like great family fun to me!!! Thanks for sharing!