November 12, 2008

No place to create

I hate it when I lose posts!

Ok.. the past week I have been boxing up my craft room and the girls' playroom in preparation for the remodel and room swap that will occur next week. My craft room is moving into the bigger "family room" and the playroom is being moved into the third bedroom (both rooms are in the basement). The *new* craft room will have laminate wood floors and custom shelves and craft island. My Dad and BIL are making my sister and I HUGE (6' x 3') craft islands! Though I will not get the island and shelves until sometime in December, the room will be done before Thanksgiving. Then I can start to create again!

I have uploaded some layouts into my Scrapbook gallery, and am working on tracking down the manufacturers. I have just recently started recording manufacturers while I am working on my projects, so most of my pages do not have that information on them.

Ok here are some before pictures of my old craft room. (and the post above has been saved since this is where I lost it last time!)

While this room is always messy, I had already started boxing things up which is why there is so much stuff on the floor.

2008 11 05_0166

2008 11 05_0167  

2008 11 05_0168

2008 11 05_0169  

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