November 25, 2008

Almost done!

I just registered for my last 2 MBA courses! Project Management and my Directed Research Project (Thesis). I will be done with school March 30! April 25th will be the official commencement date! I can not wait until I am done!

We have been busy the last week renovating the basement. We took down the panelling, put up sheetrock, replaced the carpet with laminate wood flooring and painted. I am just waiting on Eric to put up the baseboards (today hopefully) so that I can move everything out of the playroom and into my craft room. We will also be painting the playroom and replacing the carpet, but I am thinking that the playroom may have to wait until after the holidays since we still need to finish the downstairs bathroom (which we gutted at the same time as we gutted the craft room, but have not finished)

I have before and after pictures on my craft blog:

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