October 29, 2007

New Pictures

There is a new folder of pictures on the right. October 2007 pics have been resized and updated.

07102669_2We had a decent weekend. Eric and the girls found a kitten down at the park, so we now have a new family member. She still does not have a name though!  She is between 6 and 8 weeks old and is very sweet and playful. She gets along great with Scout, but Shadow still isn't so sure about this intruder.

We carved pumpkins this week and almost all of Mom's grandkids were there. Scott and Gabby came over, and so did Emily and Justin. The only ones missing were Ariana, Avery and Aiden. They may be coming up for Thanksgiving though so that will be nice.

Ok, gotta get back to work!


April said...

I still say Cocoa! Maybe she can be Coco Chanel LOL

Kelly Boettcher said...

I think that we have settled on Coco. Well, I decided and told Eric who said that he will still call her "Little Kitty". Which is fine. Shadow is still "Miss Kitty" most of the time.

mary said...

you are a little behind. i actually looked and this is the same stuff i was seeing when you were here. you know i love you but i have to give you hell. ps-------jj loved the pictures and to tell you thank you again.