October 11, 2007

I'm going pink

Last week was super busy, so I did not have time to post... but I had a nice birthday. Dinner at Mom and Dad's on Sunday was nice, but we got home to find that Megan had aquired chicken pox. Luckily it was a pretty mild case and she is all better now. We still are not sure if Lauren actually got the chicken pox, she only had 2 spots that looked like the pox, and neither was on her torso. Eric took the week off to stay home with the girls and overall they had a nice week. Eric made me yummy chicken marsala on my birthday, and then on Saturday we celebrated at Dwayne and Judy's house.

This weekend is Marin's baptism, but other than that I think that we will just hang out at home. I want to get working on some Christmas gifts (yeah I know... a little early but I love the holidays!) I need to get my craft room cleaned up and get started... I have so many projects in mind!

I have changed the blog colors to reflect Breast Cancer Awareness Month... any excuse to use pink!!

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