May 31, 2011

Stamp Inventory and Storage

I have a lot of stamps from many different companies and many different formats (wood, cling, clear etc) and have some that have never touched ink because I forgot that I had them!
Previously all of my wood mount and cling stamps (mostly SU) were in a Sterlite cart, while my clear stamps were in binders. But then my binder pages started coming out and the wood and cling stamps were neglected. I started to set up a Rolodex style inventory.. but that was too much work to be honest. So this is what I ended up with after going through a lot of blogs and message board posts about stamp organization... and it works for me!

The cover is made out of chipboard that my curtains were folded around and some binder rings:

Inside each stamp set is stamped onto a simple sheet of computer paper (cut in half) and labeled with the Manufacturer, Stamp Name, and a number. (click on image to make it bigger)

The clear stamp sets are in CD or DVD cases depending on size (SU Cling come in DVD cases already, so I purchased some extras for my other large sets). The stamp sheets with just a number tell me that they are in CD cases, a "D" before the number stands for DVD case, and a "W" tells me that it is wood mount. The wood mount stamps are in the SU clam cases and also are numbered, with exception of my wood Christmas stamps which are all together in a small bin.

The CD and DVD cases are in these boxes from Amazon and are stored in a closet behind my workspace. I need to get a couple more boxes!

It is hard to see in the next picture, but here is an example of the numbered CD cases

And the wood stamps are in bins on the same shelf of the closet. 

Eventually I will organize the stamp inventory sheets by category.. but for now it is already so much easier to find my stamps, and I have been using the wood mounts more now that I see them with all of the rest of my stamps!

ETA*** I found the link for the stamp organization that mine is based off of!


Anne B said...

What a great idea for an inventory - I think the thing is to find something that works for you, and this works so well. Have fun with your newly organised supplies :)

Karen C. said...

I have 2 stamp books - one for PTI and one for all the other stamps. It really does make finding and using your stamps so much easier. Enjoy!!

Michelle said...

Wow - that's a lot of work....but worth it in the end, I would imagine....good for you for taking the time to do this...

Danielle said...

Care to come to my house and organize for me???? What a great idea, I can only hope someday I'll get my things so together!

Kristin said...

very cool!! :)