January 21, 2010

Racism - From a childs point of view

Sunday evening as we were getting ready for bed, Megan reminded me that the following day was a holiday. She proceeded to tell me what she learned about Martin Luther King in school. It went something like this:

"Before I was born, while I was still in God's magic, Martin Luther King had a dream that everyone would be able to drink from the same water-fountain. Then some bad people came and killed him, but his dream came true. " (remember... she is only 5)

I asked her why that was important, and filled in some of the gaps explaining that there were a lot of people who thought that if you had dark skin you should not be allowed to ride the same bus, drink from the same water fountain, or go to school with people with white skin.

My sweet, brilliant little girl made me so proud with her response. "Mommy, it does not matter what color your skin is, only what is in your heart"

Apparently Eric and I are doing something right!