October 21, 2009

Finished Layouts

2009 08 14_2054

When I finish a layout it typically goes on display in my craft room. I hung two curtain rods parallel on the wall, and have page protectors hung (with the opening to the left) from curtain clips. This allows me to easily add and remove layouts for display. Though I have been trying to be better about putting layouts away in the appropriate albums after they rotate off of the wall, it does not always happen that way. My second location for finished layouts is in an iron wall pocket that sits above my desk/ counter-top.

2009 08 14_2048

Other items on my desk include my favorite fairy lamp, a basket of cards given to me, my "project" basket (the green one), and my ink/ paint storage. This space is where I set up my cuttlebug and sewing machine when I use them.


Abi Bundy said...

I just wish i had a wall big enough in my tiny craft room/ cupboard to put things up :) they look really great!

Tenia Nelson said...