September 17, 2008

The Circus and Starlight

2008 09 13_0067 We had a busy Saturday this weekend. We had tickets for the Barnibum Bailey Circus at the Sprint Center for 3:00, we got there in time for the pre-show where you can go down on the floor, but so did everyone else. So we decided to go wait in our seats. We had much better seats this time (for the Disney Princesses on Ice Show we were in the nosebleed section) though I really should have gotten seats on the side instead of on an end. The girls had fun, but poor Lauren was so tired! She had missed her nap and fell asleep after intermission.

After the Circus, we had time to get the kids home, Eric took the dog for a quick walk while we waited for Dwayne and Carla so that we could go to Starlight for Les Miserables. The show was amazing.. and wet. It rained the ENTIRE time. Luckily we stopped by Cabelas on our way to the Circus and bought some ponchos, so we stayed mostly dry. It was the last show of the season and we loved it though.

I am uploading the circus pictures to the August-September album now!

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