September 17, 2007

Another quiet weekend

I was travelling for work last week and got in on Saturday, so we had a quiet weekend. Did some grocery shopping, some cleaning, completed Baby Step #1 (Dave Ramsey Plan). I finished another Master's course with an A. Next is Marketing which starts on 1 Oct. Only another year and a half to go until I will have my masters! We should finish Baby Step #2 (Dave Ramsey Plan) around the same time as I complete my MBA. Talk about a party!

Megan changed herself after an accident, and decided that the capelet should be worn as a skirt instead. 07091604

07091609Then Lauren wanted her picture taken too! There are a couple more pictures in the Sept Album.Today is Amanda's Birthday, so we are having yummy enchiladas for dinner at Mom and Dad's. There is nothing else really planned for the week. We live such a boring life sometimes! 

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