August 6, 2007

Our Weekend

We had a nice, but busy, weekend. Saturday we spent the morning running errands.  Megan was in big girl panties all day with NO accidents... I think we are almost potty trained!

When we were at the mall she looked at me and said "The mall makes me so happy" with this big grin on her face. Lord are we in trouble!

Saturday night Amanda and Billy had their housewarming. I decorated a wine bottle holder (Creative Imaginations) but forgot to take a picture! It was cute though. Their party was a success, and their house is coming along great.

Sunday we had a birthday party for Gabrielle. Of course I forgot my camera so there are no pictures. Everyone swam, ate cake, and had a good time. I can not believe that Gabby is 9 already! That means Scott is almost 11. Considering that they are my younger brothers kids... I feel old!

Sunday evening I cleaned the basement. For those that have been in my house lately know what a task that was. It still needs shampooed, but at least you can walk through it now without stepping over something. The back of the pathfinder is full of stuff for the DAV, and I have a bag of clothes for Marin and another for Amanda.  I even vacuumed the stairs!

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