March 25, 2011

Kids craft table

A couple of weeks ago I saw a Facebook post about a local school, that had recently been sold, selling off a bunch of furniture. I swung by while Megan was in ballet class and picked up 2 kids desks (classic metal with laminate wood top/ $2.00 each) and a large kids table for $5. This thing has a solid wood top and two cubbies. I had no clue if the table would fit in my craft room, but if not I was only out $5.

I had to do some rearranging (the dresser that was under the ribbon rack is now in one of the closets) but the table fits perfectly! Here are some pictures of the girls working on Birthday cards for a couple of friends.

The kid's art supplies are in the pink and green bins to the left of their table. I just picked up some round  pink storage ottomans (from Target) that are the perfect height for the girls to sit on at this table and will add some more storage to the room.


Lorraine said...

That is so cute! And they look so happy creating in their own special space!

Karen C. said...

The girls sure look happy to have their own sprcial desk and crafting area. Great bargain!!

Chris said...

How fun! I love finding bargain solutions like that! SCORE!

Anne B said...

Great idea and I'm sure the girls just love having their own space to craft in :)