December 5, 2009

More cards

Here are a few more cards that go in the set I posted about yesterday. Again.. most of the supplies are PTI.

2009 11 15_0149

2009 11 15_0150 

2009 11 15_0151

2009 11 15_0153 

The lines of glitter were made with sticky strip/ red line tape/ whatever you want to call it. I just put the tape on, removed the red stuff and poured glitter on top of it. I let it sit for a min and then burnished the glitter into the tape really well.

I have one more card and the box to take a picture of.. but I can not post the box until after the gift is received since it would totally give away who it is for!

1 comment:

Abi Bundy said...

Great cards! Love the one with the butterfly!