May 29, 2008

New Pictures!

2008 05 10_0317_edited-1Don't you just hate it when you have a full post written out and you lose it?!?! Ok, I will start again! There are new pictures posted in the May-June 08 folder to the right. ome Birthday party pics and other randomness.

Things are going well in the Boettcher household. Eric built a retaining wall with landscape bricks around the front yard and it looks fabulous! Now we are just waiting to get some rock and dirt to backfill and then we can plant. I need to find some low maintenance, hard to kill plants that like mostly shade. Any suggestions?

Lauren has started to chat up a storm, and is our resident copycat. Anything that Megan says Lauren has to repeat. Megan is still into anything princess and insists on wearing a dress (or skirt) every day. She has decided that instead of being a doctor when she grows up she wants to be a dancer and dance like the princesses. She knows every word to almost every princess song (from both the Disney Princesses and Barbie Princess movies) and loves to sing. They are growing up so fast!

We looking forward to our trip to Wisconsin this summer for Eric's family reunion. And Mom and Dad's pool should be ready for use this weekend, Megan has been asking about it for a month now!

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